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Lauren Alexandra

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About Lauren

I'm Lauren, a theatre and film director

Hello,  and welcome to my page! My name is Lauren Alexandra and I am a film and theatre director based out of Atlanta, Georgia. I have had a passion for the arts my entire life! To learn more about me and my journey, click the link below!

Recent Projects

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"Literally the best director!"

 - Layla Hood 

 "I felt that Lauren had a great balance of constructive feedback and positive motivation. I always felt that I was on the right track of my character and was adding value to the show."

- Lydia Rice 

"You are an amazing director and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

- David J. McCray

"I've loved working with you every time we've worked together, and to see the way you've grown with this show has been an inspiration for me. 

- Kristian Clemons-Freeman


Atlanta, GA



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