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Below you will find more detailed information on my most recent employment opportunities. You can also click the button below for a PDF version of my full resume!

Recent Work Positions:

Lead Front of House Manager

Job Requirements:

  • Maintain a safe and positive environment during performances.

  • Positive collaboration with Alliance senior administrative staff as well as all company members throughout the season

  • Schedule volunteers and security for all performances. 

  • Perform tasks as needed by the Patron Services Manager, and Director of Marketing & Communication. 

  • Manage and develop a positive work environment for patron services associates. 

Teaching Artist

Job Duties:

  • Maintain a classroom environment that is conducive to promoting learning.

  • When given a curriculum or lesson plan, deliver the assigned material in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

  • When creating or using existing curriculum or lesson plans, ensure they are anti-racist and age-appropriate, and use engaging and diverse materials to fit the needs of all of your students.

  • Follow site-specific protocols and procedures when on a teaching assignment.

  • Communicate clearly and respectfully to students, fellow teaching artists, staff, and teachers, and share questions, comments, or concerns with your Program Manager, as needed.


Job Requirements:

  • Assisting in establishing and maintaining community contacts with local groups and businesses

  • Positive collaboration with HSRT senior administrative staff as well as all company members throughout the season

  • Maintaining marketing databases and distribution lists.

  • Performing tasks as needed by the Artistic Director, Associate Managing Director, or Company and Front of House Manager.


Job Requirements:

  • Vetting and selecting a one-act play to pitch to my advisor. 

  • Holding regularly scheduled production meetings to go over show progression. 

  • Collaborating effectively and positively with a team of designers and stage managers.

  • Holding regularly scheduled rehearsals to work with the cast. 

Assistant Director

Job Requirements:

  • Working closely with the director on the artistic vision of the show. 

  • Participating and providing feedback in regularly scheduled rehearsals

  • Speaking on behalf of the director to design and production teams when necessary

  • Being a conduit of communication between director and other members of production when necessary


Job Requirements:

  • Researching subjects and compiling question prior to interviews. 

  • Facilitating interview arrangements such as location, and timing. 

  • Compiling and editing footage from interviews. 

  • Regularly checking in with advisor on film progress

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